Clinical Image for July 2016


37 yo M w/ hx of dm, pancreatitis, and chronic pain presents to the ED with high FSG. FSG was 467 in triage, rest of vitals unremarkable. During your exam, patient states he needs his pain medication. He has chronic pain for which he takes 4mg Dilaudid every 6 hours. You ask about any  toxic habits (specifically opioids) and patient denies. As you help your pt change into a gown, you notice syringes filled with a brown substance. When you ask the patient what is it, he states it’s is insulin. On exam, you note multiple skin lesions as pictured above.

1. What do you suspect the lesions are from?

2. On labs, you suspect the patient may be in DKA- What key findings would see on labs?

3. How would you manage this patient? How would you manage his pain? Dispo?

What do you think the answers to the above questions are?

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